Scots burial board settles out of court

By Stephanie Brickman, March 24, 2011
Warren Bader: satisfied with deal

Warren Bader: satisfied with deal

The Glasgow Hebrew Burial Society, GHBS, has settled out of court with its former burial officer Warren Bader, just hours from the start of what would have been a five-day tribunal.

In March last year Mr Bader, who had served as burial officer for almost two years, was informed that his services were no longer required, with GHBS blaming a "change of circumstances". At the time David Jackson, its vice chair, said it was a cost-cutting measure.

Mr Bader, however, believed that his high-profile involvement with the fledgling Masorti Scotland movement was the reason for his abrupt severance. Last November, an employment tribunal in Glasgow agreed that he could pursue a case against GHBS under the Employment Equality (Religion or Belief) Regulations 2004.

In a statement on Monday (March 21), GHBS said: "The Society's position remains that his services were terminated for fair reasons, unconnected with discrimination, but the terms of the agreement prevent disclosure of details. The Society is an Orthodox Jewish organisation, but his membership of another denomination was known to us when we started using his services, and was never an issue."

Mr Bader said: "The claim was about my individual rights to be treated fairly and with respect. I am satisfied with the terms of the settlement and feel that my position has been vindicated in full."

While costs, thought to be substantial, will be met from GHBS members' subscriptions, treasurer Jeffrey Gladstone said: "GHBS was restructured following Mr Bader's departure, and this will result in substantial savings. Notwithstanding the settlement, the society is now in a better financial position. We just want to draw a line under this and move on."

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