Solomon loses ULU re-election bid

By Jessica Elgot, March 18, 2011
Clare Solomon

Clare Solomon

The former President of University of London Union Clare Solomon who said persecution of Jews was “fabricated” has lost her bid for re-election.

In December last year Ms Solomon, a 37-year-old mature student, wrote on Facebook: “The view that Jews have been persecuted all throughout history is one that has been fabricated in the last 100 or so years to justify the persecution of Palestinians.

“To paint the picture that all Jews have always had to flee persecution is just plainly inaccurate.”

She later apologized for the comment, saying it had been “written in haste.”

Ms Solomon lost out to Queen Mary student union's president Vratislav Vraj Domalip.

Last updated: 3:28pm, March 18 2011