Tweet your way from Passover to Easter

By Jennifer Lipman, March 9, 2011

Posting messages on Twitter throughout the meal might not make for the most relaxing family Seder, but a new scheme wants users of the social networking site to Tweet the Easter story staring with Pesach in Jerusalem.

Passion plays, which begin with Jesus’ arrival in the city on the eve of Pesach and end with his resurrection, are performed around the world at Easter to mark the biblical story of the festival.

The creators of the Easter(LIVE) project have decided to update the idea for modern audiences and are calling on people to write 140 character Twitter messages narrating the story.

Relevant tweets will then be hosted on a dedicated website between April 17 and 24to tell the story in “real time.

The organisers are looking for contributions from Twitter users of any religious background “so long as they follow themes followed in the Easter story”.

Last updated: 1:24pm, March 9 2011