Prestwich crime spree

By Jonathan Kalmus, March 3, 2011

A four-day burglary spree has rattled residents of the King's Road area of north Manchester.

Three homes on Tewkesbury Drive, Richmond Avenue and Harrogate Avenue in the predominantly Jewish area of Prestwich were targeted in the early hours of the morning between last Thursday and Sunday.

A fourth property, a mile away, was also burgled. Each was accessed by forcing open ground-floor kitchen windows while families slept inside.

Police believe it is the work of one man, but have reassured the public that he appears to flee if disturbed. He is described as 6ft tall and wearing dark clothing. A car, laptops and purses were stolen from the targeted addresses.

Greater Manchester Police's crime reduction adviser, Gaynor Mason, said: "While officers are patrolling the area, we want residents to do their bit to keep their properties safe and secure."

Last updated: 2:20pm, March 3 2011