Tel Aviv BA flight makes emergency landing due to fire warning

By Katie Taylor, November 18, 2010

A British Airways flight from Heathrow to Tel Aviv had to make an emergency landing this morning, after a suspected fire on board.

The BA flight 165 was diverted and landed in Brussels, after a flashing warning light in the cockpit.

The pilot diverted the flight as a precaution and all 166 passengers on board were evacuated in a normal disembarkation.

A passenger on board the Boeing 777, said: “The pilot was brilliant and very calm as indeed were the staff. I was told it was due to a suspected fire.

“It was very scary dropping 20,000 feet in the space of five minutes. We then had to endure an extremely fast stop on the runway, to allow, as I understand it, 25 firemen to attend to the plane.

Passengers are now waiting for a flight replacement, which is reported to take two to three hours.

The Boeing 777 is currently being investigated by engineers.

Last updated: 1:53pm, November 18 2010