UCL Detroit bomber report a 'whitewash'

By Marcus Dysch, October 14, 2010

Critics have attacked a report into a university's approach to tackling campus extremism as "complacent" and a "whitewash".

An investigation was launched at University College London following former student Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab's arrest last December after he allegedly attempted to blow up
a plane flying from Europe to Detroit. Abdulmutallab studied at UCL between 2005 and 2008 and was president of its Islamic Society. He is currently detained in the United States awaiting trial.

The Community Security Trust said the investigation, which found no evidence the Nigerian had been radicalised while in London, was "shallow, complacent and self-serving".

James Brandon of the Quilliam counter-extremism think tank called it a "farce". "The inquiry appears to deliberately downplay evidence of Abdulmutallab inviting radical speakers onto campus, his making of pro-jihadist comments in websites and his consorting with known extremists."

The inquiry considered whether current students are exposed to extremist ideology at UCL. Sir Stephen Wall, UCL Council chair, welcomed the report. He said the university was working to enable debate and free speech within
a "safe environment".

Last updated: 4:17pm, October 14 2010