Cruise passenger complains, then expelled

By Leon Symons, October 7, 2010
Broadway producer Gloria Sher Evans

Broadway producer Gloria Sher Evans

An 82-year-old woman was thrown off a luxury cruise for disruptive behaviour after protesting that she had been the victim of antisemitism.

Broadway producer Gloria Sher Evans was expelled from Cunard's flagship Queen Mary 2 only days into a month-long trip to Britain and the Mediterranean.

Her husband, 91-year-old former Royal Navy medical man Frederick Evans, said: "It was the second night of the cruise. We were in one of the dining rooms at a table with other people. This man was talking and he told Gloria to shut up.

"Then he said: 'Don't you see I'm talking? There's too many f****** Jews.' Gloria said to him: 'you should go f*** yourself' and then she walked out.
I apologised to the people and said to the man: 'Incidentally I'm not a Jew and you're not much of a diplomat'. The next thing we knew, the captain came to our cabin and said my wife had to leave the ship - only her, not me, but of course I wasn't going to stay without her."

Cunard has offered to refund Mrs Sher Evans and her husband just $839 (£527) of their £12,500 trip. But it has also cancelled the couple's three future bookings with its vessels.

In a statement, Cunard said: "All guests sailing on board Cunard ships travel under the terms and conditions of a passage contract. In this instance it was determined that Mrs Sher's behaviour was not in compliance with the contract.

"During the voyage, it was observed and reported that Mrs Sher engaged in multiple incidences of disrespectful and disruptive behaviour towards crew and other guests. She was disembarked in New York, and her husband chose to leave with her."

Mrs Sher Evans (left) and her husband intend to launch a legal claim in order to retrieve their money.

Mr Evans said: "I have a pacemaker and this made my blood pressure go through the roof. I could have had a stroke."

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