Jewish Apprentice hopefuls impress Lord Sugar

By Jennifer Lipman, October 6, 2010

All three Jewish candidates hoping to become Lord Sugar's next Apprentice have reached the second week of the competition.

Sausages, rather than kosher chickens, were the focus of the first task of the series as the teams battled to sell at markets in London.

Former King David pupil Alex Epstein had a narrow escape as he was brought back into the boardroom by his project manager. His team, Synergy, made a profit of £305.90 - £15 less than their opponents.

Mr Epstein had been in charge of weighing the ingredients for team Synergy. But despite problems cooking the sausages, he claimed that the recipe was followed perfectly and just “needed more water”.

Karen Brady, who monitored the boys’ team, said: “All I saw Alex do was stand behind the griddle, I think he sold the lowest amount in the market.”

However Lord Sugar gave the 26-year-old from Whitefield, Manchester, a second chance. Mr Epstein told him: “I will not let you down.”

The girls’ team, Apollo, were rewarded for their win with a dinner of sausages, although as former JFS pupil Melissa Cohen said: “I don’t actually ever want to see another sausage again in my life.

Ms Cohen, who worked as a kosher food buyer for Tesco, declined to lead the task. However she told her team: “I know that I could go in there with three sausages in different flavours and they’ll all sell extremely well.”

The 27-year-old also clashed with her project manager over who would finish a deal. Nick Hewer said: “Melissa spent a lot of the time pecking away at the team leader.”

But it was not the performance of the Jewish Apprentices that was surprising. As one person wrote on Twitter: “Am I the only one who sees the irony in Alan Sugar making money from selling pork?”

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Last updated: 10:06pm, October 6 2010