Web worship at Glasgow synagogue

By Jennifer Lipman, September 26, 2010

A Scottish synagogue has pioneered a new kind of festival service – virtual prayer.

Rosh Hashanah services at Glasgow Reform Synagogue were streamed live over the internet to listeners around the globe.

Steven Anson, membership secretary, said the synagogue began broadcasting services online in 2009 to support those in the community who could not physically be there.

He said that on Yom Kippur, several hundred people from around the world logged on to the site.

He added: “We realise not every member is able to come to services and although [we] have a regular programme of pastoral care visits, we also felt these broadcasts went one step further."

Rabbi Nancy Morris said: "Our community includes not just those who are able to attend each week and I am particularly aware of how important it is let people know how valued they are as members."

The synagogue is hoping to expand the scheme and is building up an online archive of the broadcasts.

Last updated: 2:20pm, September 26 2010