Shul is helped by JC readers

By Jennifer Lipman, September 21, 2010

Surveillance equipment worth more than £1,500 has been donated to a Lithuanian synagogue vandalised in an antisemitic attack, following an appeal on the JC website.

An anonymous donor responded to the request to provide the Kaunas synagogue in central Lithuania with a set of second-hand CCTV cameras after extremists left a pig's head outside the building.

They had carved a star of David into the head and placed it underneath a black Chasidic hat with peyot (sidelocks) attached.

Three hours after the story went online, a man planning to sell his old security camera offered it to the synagogue for free.

The JC was alerted by Moshe Katz, who runs an information technology company in Wimbledon, and whose father escaped Lithuania before the Holocaust.

He cleaned and packed the equipment and arranged for it to be shipped immediately. Another donor volunteered to cover the cost of sending it to Lithuania.

Mr Katz said: "Within a week the shul had a terrific system - the cameras are already up and running.

"Thank you to the JC for your swift help and support, and to the donors for making this possible."

Last updated: 2:53pm, September 21 2010