New push to confront Israel hate

By Leon Symons, September 21, 2010

A leading Anglo-Israeli educational organisation is preparing new strategies to confront campaigns aimed at increasing ill-will towards Israel.

John Levy, director of the Friends of Israel Educational Foundation (FoI), said that he anticipated "a very difficult year ahead for us all. We now confront intense new campaigns against Israel which are beginning to corrode 'goodwill' towards the state."

He said FoI would focus on four main areas: secondary schools in the 16-19 age group; university academics; the Church and creative arts.

FoI has started the new academic year with more than 100 bookings to speak to sixth formers across England and Wales. In November, its team will be joined by four members of the Israeli national debating team.

For academics, FoI has organised a number of workshops in subjects from gene therapy to organic farming and food security at Israel's leading universities, and has another six organised for next year, covering subjects as diverse as child anxiety and the ethics of war.

Mr Levy said: "We are determined to raise Israel's profile - intelligently, honourably, highlighting the country's huge talents - while reflecting thoughtfully on its existential problems."

Last updated: 2:53pm, September 21 2010