Channel 4 to broadcast series of films about Jewish mothers

By Robyn Rosen, September 17, 2010

Comedian David Schneider and harpist Lucinda Belle are among those featuring in a Channel 4 strand of films about Jewish mothers.

Starting on Monday, September 27, seven different Jews will be in seven 90-second films, as part of the 4thought series, broadcast 365 days a year on Channel 4 in the evening and online.

Narinder Minhas, series director, said: "Marking a month in which several Jewish festivals take place, 4thought is dedicating a week of films to Jewish mothers - allowing individuals to speak about their own experiences of motherhood and reflect on the role their mothers have played in their lives."

One film features Sarah Rosen, whose mother died of lung cancer five weeks before the birth of her own first child four years ago.

Mrs Rosen set up Hendon-based support group, Butterflies, for women in a similar situation.

She said: "The producers went through the JC archives and found an article about me.

"The series will be very interesting to the Jewish community because it features a whole range of issues and how we deal with them. It also explores the mother-daughter bond and I speak about how strong and unique that is."

The films will also feature director Liselle Terret, who was brought up in a strictly Orthodox family in Glasgow; Mary Holmes, an identical twin who was separated from her sister as a baby and later discovered that her birth mother was Jewish; Nicola Nathan, a mother who converted to Liberal Judaism from Christianity; and Harriet Goldenberg, who adopted a daughter from China after discovering she was infertile.

Mr Schneider said: "I speak about Jewish stereotypes and how my mum and I always argue about what food I should eat.

"I also speak seriously about how much I admire my mum who went through the Holocaust and has absolutely no prejudices. It was funny to put comedy to one side and talk about that. It's something I never say to her but I really do admire her."

Last updated: 12:55pm, October 12 2010