Trinny and Susannah tell Israel what not to wear

By Jessica Elgot, September 17, 2010
Hey Susannah, how do you say “your bum is too big” in Hebrew?

Hey Susannah, how do you say “your bum is too big” in Hebrew?

For fashionable Brits, Gok Wan may be the flavour of the month. But in Israel, a new show from Trinny and Susannah means they are still the Middle East's fashion queens.

Style gurus Trinny Woodall and Susannah Constantine, who had success with BBC TV programmes, fashion advice books and an underwear range, will tour Israel dispensing fashion advice to the country's worst dressed, for a new TV show.

The show, to be broadcast on Israel's Channel 10, will be in the style of the duo's successful BBC show What Not to Wear, where makeover candidates are selected each week for the presenters to update their style.

Filming is expected to begin in early November. It will be the first time that well-known presenters from abroad have come to make a show in Israel for an Israeli network.

A spokeswoman for Channel 10 said: "Trinny and Susannah are really popular in Israel and well-known for their direct approach and fabulous fashion advice. All the fashion journalists for the Israeli magazines are going mad with excitement to see them. We'll have to wait and see what Trinny and Susannah say about Israeli fashion and style. It is going to be a very interesting encounter."

The two presenters, known for their somewhat brutal honesty and for transforming the images of both young and old, male and female, have had both their British and American shows broadcast on Israeli cable TV.

The show will be broadcast in English but Channel 10 said that Trinny and Susannah would be taught some essential Hebrew phrases.

The programmes will be produced by major Israeli production company Abot Reif Hameiri, which has re-made many British and American reality TV programmes for Israeli audiences, including Survivor and Beauty and the Geek.

Although popular in Israel, the presenters have fallen out of favour with the British public in recent times and their most recent series, Trinny and Susannah Undress the Nation, was dropped by ITV.

The women are currently promoting a spoof documentary series online about finding fame again, What Trinny and Susannah Did Next, which has now been picked up by Channel Four.

Last updated: 12:14pm, October 12 2010