Joey Barton: 'just pointing to moustache'

By Jennifer Lipman, August 23, 2010
The offending facial hair

The offending facial hair

Footballer Joey Barton has denied making a Nazi salute after he scored a goal for Newcastle in its match against Aston Villa.

After his goal gave the club its first victory of the new season, Mr Barton raised his left arm up to the sky and his right arm to his lip.

At the time he was also sporting a small dark moustache.

However, he has insisted that the celebration has been misunderstood and has since got rid of his facial hair.

He said: “I was merely pointing out that the moustache was going to go after the game”.

In 1996 Mark Bosnich, then goalkeeper for Aston Villa, raised his arm in a Nazi-style salute and mimicked a moustache with his finger during a match against Spurs.

He later claimed he has been imitating Basil Fawlty and apologised for causing offence to Jewish fans.

Last updated: 11:21am, August 23 2010