Massive Attack target Israel at Big Chill festival

August 12, 2010

A music fan has described how a festival performance was used to attack Israel and promote the cause of Palestinian refugees.

Massive Attack performed at last weekend's Big Chill concert before a crowd of thousands in Malvern, Worcestershire.

Fan Ric Berke said: "Massive Attack had a screen behind them that was flashing up statistics and political images. Various topics were touched on such as BP and economic strife but the theme was anti-Israeli … there were slogans about Israelis' wealth compared to Palestinians', troop numbers and armed checkpoints. The general vibe was that all hardship in Palestine was Israel's fault. There was not a word about the terror attacks or fundamentalism."

Massive Attack promotes the HOPING (Hope for Palestinians in the Next Generation) charity. It creates art, photography and music opportunities for Palestinian refugees.

Last updated: 12:05pm, September 28 2010