Jews in fight against weekend Nazis

By Jonathan Kalmus, July 22, 2010
Jackboot derby: one of the Nazi impersonators

Jackboot derby: one of the Nazi impersonators

The Jewish community has been encouraged to come up with solutions to stop Nazi impersonators from infiltrating Second World War re-enactment events across the UK.

The general manager of the East Lancashire Railway, Andy Coward, said this week that he welcomed ideas on how to stop the imitators.

The heritage railway came under pressure from Manchester's Jewish community to ban dozens of actors who were spotted wearing Nazi insignia at its May event. It sparked angry complaints from local Jewish politicians.

Policies printed in event guides ban official re-enactment companies from using swastikas, SS insignia or black Nazi uniforms. But Mr Coward said a new strategy will be required to police unofficial Nazi impersonators who attend the public events and break the rules.

He said: "There is a strong Jewish community in Manchester so our railway becomes a focal point, but this is a problem for all 1940s events.

"I don't want our volunteers to get into lots of confrontations with a bunch of morons who insist on dressing up as the bad guys."

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