Tributes to 7/7 bomb victims

By Jennifer Lipman, July 7, 2010

Relatives of the July 7 London bombing victims are marking the fifth anniversary of the terror attacks.

John Falding, whose Israeli partner Anat Rosenberg was killed on the Number 30 bus, plans to make a now-annual strip to Tavistock Square with a dozen white lilies to pay tribute to her.

Mr Falding said that his life has been on hold since the former charity worker’s death at 39.

He said: “This is my job now, to look after Anat’s memory.”

Ms Rosenberg, who is buried in Jerusalem, was one of a number of Jewish people injured or killed in the bombings.

Another was 32-year-old Miriam Hyman from Finchley, a picture editor who was killed in the Russell Square bomb. Her family have raised more than of £220,000 for an eye clinic for Indian children in her memory.

Her sister, Esther Hyman, said “The overall impression I'm left with is gloom at human nature but you try not to wallow in grief and instead approach things as positively as possible.”

Family and friends of Ms Hyman will gather at Golder's Hill Park to make a toast in her memory.

Last updated: 10:41am, July 7 2010