King David Liverpool faces legal battle on admission

By Jonathan Kalmus, July 1, 2010

An explosive legal battle is looming over Liverpool's King David High School after the mother of a Jewish girl denied a place saod she is in a position to fight for all children in her position.

Dawn Chapple, an accountant who left a high-paying job two years ago to focus on her daughter's dyslexia, confirmed this week that legal action would "definitely go ahead".

She said: "I've had a number of meetings with my solicitor and a barrister. It's all been very positive and in my favour.

"It's not just for me, it's for all of us. I mean, I'm in a fortunate position that I can afford to fight the school. But other people aren't."

Mrs Chapple says her options to find Kayleigh another school are limited. One local comprehensive has accepted two pupils who racially abused her daughter with antisemitic bullying at Kayleigh's current primary school.

"I should be buying her school uniform now but I'm not buying anything, because I don't know where she is going. Kayleigh is panicking. She's devastated still. Every day she's coming home from school asking, is she in King David? I keep saying we are

Mrs Chapple says she feels "victimised" by her own community. "Kayleigh got offered a place in a Catholic primary school at the bottom of my road when she was three years old, but a Jewish school is rejecting her."

Last updated: 2:31pm, July 1 2010