Police probe 'threat' posters

By Jessica Elgot, June 24, 2010

Police are investigating pro-Palestinian posters put up in a small Sussex town after a Jewish resident complained they were "threatening".

The posters in Barnham, West Sussex, were put up by two groups calling themselves "The UK Friends of Palestine and Israel" and the "Free Gaza Movement".

They call for a boycott of Israel and urge support for "the orphans of the Gaza massacre". There are also "Wanted" posters which accuse Israeli politicians of war crimes, including Opposition leader Tzipi Livni, which have also been seen in the town.

Audrey Mouquet, 31, who lived in Israel for two years before returning to her home town, said she had contacted police about the posters.

Ms Mouquet said: "I am very proud of Israel and I don't like the message the posters send out. I think they are threatening and encourage hate."

    Last updated: 3:33pm, June 24 2010