Yiddishe Momma advert removed by eBay

By Robyn Rosen, June 22, 2010
Sandi Firth

Sandi Firth

An advert for a Yiddishe Momma has been pulled from auction website eBay for breaching its “human body parts and remains policy”.

James Doyan, a management consultant from Crouch End, decided to auction his mother, Sandi Firth from Leeds, on Ebay after “having enough of her exploits in trying to find love”.

He placed an ad for the 63-year-old grandmother last week with the title: “My Yiddishe Momma for sale. Beautiful, great cook, educated, articulate, family focused, caring – priceless”.

On Monday, eBay had pulled the page with the explanation from the Trust and Safety team that it does not allow “live or dead people or human body parts” to be listed. Prohibited body parts include organs, bones and blood but human hair is allowed.

It also said Mr Doyan may be required to take a tutorial before being allowed to sell again.

According to Mr Doyan, about 400 people had looked at the site and the highest bid placed was £1.60.

“I thought it was hilarious that they thought I was trying to traffic my mother,” he said. “I could have put her on eBay and offered the bidder a locket of hair because that’s the only thing you can sell.

“I’m done with it now. It’s taken up so much of my time. I got quite a few emails, some were perverted but other had lovely messages.”

Last updated: 3:13pm, June 22 2010