Stamford Hill brothel shutdown

By Marcus Dysch, June 10, 2010
PC Rich Lewington and PC Kirsten Hadleigh outside the brothel

PC Rich Lewington and PC Kirsten Hadleigh outside the brothel

A suspected brothel next door to a major Jewish community centre has been closed by police following complaints from neighbouring residents.

The sex den was next to Lubavitch UK's headquarters, at the heart of the community in Stamford Hill, north London.

Officers from the Met's Human Exploitation and Organised Crime Command and Hackney borough police boarded up the building last Friday after obtaining a closure order, using new legislation which makes it a criminal offence for anyone to enter the property.

Residents had complained about anti-social behaviour and disorder at the property for more than five years.

Rabbi Sholem Sudak, manager of the Lubavitch Children's Centre, said: "I'm glad it's been closed. It was unpleasant to have a building like that as a next door neighbour. The children were not aware that it was there but obviously we are very pleased it's shut."

Police have not made any arrests and so far have been unable to contact the owner of the property.

It is the first time police, together with the local council, have used the legislation in Hackney.

Detective Inspector Kevin Hyland from the Metropolitan Police said: "Residents were subject to anti-social behaviour and crime due to the presence of this brothel."

Hackney Councillor Sophie Linden said: "This is an example of our determination to use all the tools we can to ensure that residents are not plagued by anti-social and criminal behaviour.

"I hope that this successful use of new laws will give residents, who were complaining about noise and abuse from brothel visitors, a greater sense of security and peace of mind."

Last updated: 2:00pm, June 10 2010