Cameron criticises Israel’s “unacceptable” behaviour

By Jennifer Lipman, June 2, 2010
David Cameron said he remained a friend of Israel

David Cameron said he remained a friend of Israel

Prime Minister David Cameron has described the events in Gaza this week as “completely unacceptable” but stressed that he remains a “friend of Israel”.

He made the comments in his first session of Prime Minister’s Questions in response to a question from Harriet Harman.

The acting Labour Party leader had asked the Prime Minister what was the status of the British nationals who had been caught up in the Gaza flotilla operation.

She added: “I’m sure he agrees this is a tragic loss of life which has angered Palestinians and dismayed friends of Israel too.

“The blockade of Gaza is prolonging the suffering of people in Gaza and making peace harder to achieve.”

The Prime Minister responded: “What has happened is completely unacceptable. We should do everything we can to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

“We should do everything we can through the United Nations to end the blockade and open up Gaza."

Mr Cameron added: “Friends of Israel, and I consider myself a friend of Israel, should say to Israel, the blockade strengthens Hamas’ grip and it’s in their own interest to lift the blockade.”

Last updated: 4:34pm, June 2 2010