Jewish psychic sues management for £1m

By Marcus Dysch, May 13, 2010
Colin Fry

Colin Fry

A psychic has started High Court proceedings against his former management company, claiming he is owed £1 million.

Colin Fry, who hosted the TV show 6ixth Sense, in which he explores the world of the paranormal, has applied for an injunction to freeze the assets of International Programme Marketing (IPM).

Mr Fry, who is Jewish, claims IPM failed to pay him a fair share of profits from his touring show, in which he demonstrates "mediumship".

IPM had managed his business affairs since 2000.

Mr Fry said: "This has put a huge personal strain on me. I worked hard for many years, touring the country and helping people and it saddens me that the people who I thought were my friends should treat me in this way.

"Although I'm a good psychic, I never saw this one coming."

His lawyer, Dean Dunham, claimed IPM had failed to provide him with accounts from the tours, leaving Mr Fry unable to verify that he had been paid his deserved share. He said: "It is our belief that IPM has underpaid Colin by a figure in excess of £1 million."

But IPM managing director Craig Goldman, also Jewish, said the case was yet to be heard.

He said: "I received a High Court summons, but it has not been to court.

"We have done the figures and the suggestion we owe him £1 million is not the case, but that's as much as I can say."

Last September, Mr Fry, who grew up in Haywards Heath, Sussex, donated £900 to help fund a memorial in Ilford, Essex, to Auschwitz survivor Leon Greenman.

Last updated: 2:05pm, May 13 2010