Analysis: I went for UKIP because I can't forgive Germany

By Julie Burchill, May 13, 2010

I won't beat around the bush here - finding myself repelled by the three legit parties and of course the BNP, I voted for UKIP because I STILL haven't forgiven the Germans for what they did to your lot. Bear a grudge, moi? Live in the past? Non! I just know what I want.

And I certainly got it! According to the Daily Mail, "The tiny UK Independence Party helped deprive the Conservatives of at least ten seats by fielding candidates in constituencies the Tories had a good chance of winning. Nationally, UKIP picked up just three per cent of the vote. But in a string of seats their support was enough to stop even Eurosceptic Tory candidates winning. UKIP also helped to prop up a number of Labour ministers, including Schools Secretary Ed Balls, Communities Secretary John Denham, immigration minister Phil Woolas and local government minister Ian Austin. In each case the ministers would have lost their seats if the bulk of UKIP's support had gone to the Conservative candidate."

As my favourite fridge magnet says, CHAOS! PANIC! DISORDER! - MY WORK HERE IS DONE!

But the best thing was that the hideous George Galloway's Respect Party was turfed out of Bethnal Green and Bow by a landslide for the first ever Bangladeshi MP, Labour's Rushanara Ali, even after Galloway had legged it to neighbouring Poplar and Limehouse - there to be defeated by the sitting Labour MP. With Respect's leader Salma Yaqoob failing to win Birmingham Hall Green, this surely spells the end for one of the most hate-driven and inaccurately-named parties this side of the BNP.

That the downfall of Galloway, which started with his own ridiculous posturings (and purrings) on Celebrity Big Brother, was dealt the death blow by a young Muslim woman who refused to cater to all that was most negative in her own community, is a result indeed.

Julie Burchill is a writer and columnist for the JC

Last updated: 2:05pm, May 13 2010