Syrian doctor blames "corrupt Jews" for immigration conviction

May 6, 2010

Police feared a Facebook campaign blaming "corrupt Jewish Zionists" for the conviction of a Syrian doctor for immigration offences, would lead to protests outside a court.

Extra police surrounded Kingston Magistrates Court on Friday while Shawkat Spahi-Shoaib attended a sentencing hearing after being found guilty of using deception to remain in the UK.

He had applied for indefinite leave to remain in the UK in May 2005, despite awaiting trial in Manchester for two sexual offences, of which he was later found guilty.

The doctor launched a Facebook group which drew more than 1,600 members, claiming that the two judges involved in the original trial and appeal, investigating officers and defending solicitor were all Jewish.

Among the postings, Dr Spahi-Shoaib wrote: "The Jewish Zionists are working in the UK and possibly around the world." Some posts suggested "at least hundreds" would atend the hearing. But there were no reported incidents or protests and the sentencing was referred to Kingston Crown Court.

Last updated: 2:55pm, May 6 2010