Family banned from Jewish area for racist attacks

Mother and son prohibited from entering Jewish area of Manchester after their spray-gun attacks on residents

By Jonathan Kalmus, May 6, 2010
Slammed by the judge: Shameem Parker

Slammed by the judge: Shameem Parker

A mother, her son and his then boyfriend have been banned for five years from Manchester's most Jewish area after carrying out "disgraceful" racist attacks in a three-day spree.

Shameem Parker, 44, and her son Dean, 22, were sentenced at Minshull Street Crown Court last Thursday, together with Barry Clark-Millar, 52.

All three, who pleaded guilty to charges of racially aggravated offences, received Asbos banning them from entering the Broughton Park area.

Judge Jonathan Foster QC also jailed the two men for four months each, while Mrs Parker received a 12-month community order.

With Clark-Millar at the wheel, the three drove around Broughton Park for three days last June, picking out Jewish people.

In the slammer: Dean Parker, jailed for four months

In the slammer: Dean Parker, jailed for four months

Eight times, Dean Parker, sitting in the back of the car, sprayed a foaming liquid, described as "unpleasant", at their victims. Two of the attacks were on groups of schoolgirls. Mrs Parker shouted at one girl on the pavement: "Get out of the way, you Jewish bitch."

Those hit included Solomon Glick, who was walking home from synagogue when he was sprayed by Dean Parker; and Rachel Messenger, who, with her grandchildren, aged one and two, was sprayed by Parker and yelled at by his mother.

Judge Foster told the men: "Your behaviour brought humiliation, apprehension and a sense of persecution. It was quite disgraceful."

And he told Mrs Parker: "If I could sentence you in regard to your responsibilities as a mother, I would send you to jail as well."

Lawyers for the Parkers said their clients were "ashamed" and believed that their behaviour was "inexcusable and appalling". Mark Gardner of the CST said: "These attacks were disgusting and cowardly. We welcome the jailing, but the sentences could have been harsher and it is unclear why the mother only received a community order."

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