Leeds student paper pulled for antisemitic interview

By Jessica Elgot, May 3, 2010
Palestinian Telegraph owner Sameh Habeeb

Palestinian Telegraph owner Sameh Habeeb

Leeds University’s newspaper Leeds Student has been pulled from shelves by the Students’ Union after it published an antisemitic comment by Palestinian Telegraph owner Sameh Habeeb.

The interviewer asked Mr Habeeb: “Do you believe mainstream media organizations have a hidden agenda?”

He replied: “They are certainly pro-Israeli. I think you have to ask yourself who controls the media.”

A Facebook group protesting against the decision by Leeds Students’ Union to censor the issue has over 700 members, many of whom allude to the fact that one of the Students’ Union officers who took the decision to censor the newspaper, Jak Codd, is Jewish.

One student wrote on the group: “Ok, so one of your student officers took offence at an article because he views an interview answer as saying the media is controlled by Jewish people. A Jewish student officer who then exerts control over the student newspaper by getting the paper removed and the article censored.”

Mr Habeeb’s website has recently posted a video of the former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke talking about Israel’s “terrorism” against America, and the allegations of organ theft against IDF troops in Haiti.

Its patrons are journalist Lauren Booth and Respect leader George Galloway. Liberal Democrat peer Jenny Tonge resigned as a patron after the website published David Duke’s video.

Last updated: 12:21pm, May 4 2010