Far right 'serious threat', Lib Dem candidate warns

By Jonathan Kalmus, April 29, 2010

Jewish libDem candidate Richard Baum has warned that the BNP could make significant gains in the Bury North constituency.

The area, a few miles from where Ivan Lewis and Michelle Wiseman are duelling for their seat, has around five per cent Muslims, and virtually no Jewish community.

Mr Baum says six BNP candidates standing in most of the constituency's local elections is worrying. A further four are standing in the Bury South consituency.

He said: "They're just trying to get as many names on the ballot papers to make themselves look like a formidable political force. But all they need is a couple of hundred extra votes to get a councillor in."

Mr Baum is unlikely to take the seat against his more supported Labour and Conservative opponents, but it is either his party or the BNP which is more likely to pick up protest votes against the two main parties.

'BNP could make inroads here'

The seat's most recent MP, Labour's David Chaytor, is facing criminal charges over allegedly obtaining more than £20,000 on his Commons expenses.

Last updated: 3:18pm, April 29 2010