ASA responds to protests over Western Wall ad ban

By Simon Rocker, April 16, 2010

The Advertising Standards Authority has responded to protests over its decision to ban an advertisement from the Israel Government Tourist Office in the UK which showed a picture of the Western Wall.

It posted a message on its web site to say that it had received “lots of feedback” to uphold an objection to the ad from a single anonymous complainant.

“We do appreciate that some people strongly disagree with our decision,” the ASA said.

“Our ruling does not prevent the Israeli Government Tourist Office from depicting the Western Wall or other parts of Jerusalem in future advertisements. The ruling solely seeks to ensure that future ads do not imply that places in the Occupied Territories are part of the state of Israel.

“The ASA is duty bound to respond to concerns raised about advertisements that appear in the UK. Often we have to make decisions about subject matters in advertisements that polarise opinion and where strength of feeling and views are particularly pronounced. We realise our decision will disappoint some people.”

It added; “If the advertiser disagrees with our ruling then they can seek an independent review. Although it will disappoint you I am afraid we will not, however, be reconsidering our ruling.”

Last updated: 2:05pm, April 16 2010