Islamic convert fabricated a Jewish hitlist over Israel support

By Marcus Dysch, January 7, 2010

A man who fabricated claims that Lord Sugar and other prominent British Jews were assassination targets for Islamic extremists is being investigated on suspicion of inciting religious hatred against Jews.

Glen Jenvey, 44, of Salisbury, faked comments on an online Muslim forum claiming a “hit list” was being prepared and warned of a “hate campaign”.

Promoting himself as a “British anti-terror expert” he then reported the false comments to a local news agency. From there, The Sun picked up the story and ran a front page piece in January last year, quoting Jenvey as its main source.

The story stated that the Apprentice star and others, including Foreign Secretary David Miliband, Lord Levy and Amy Winehouse, were on the list of “Britons supporting Israel”.

Last September, Jenvey admitted lying following an investigation for BBC Five Live’s Donal MacIntyre Show. He said he had revealed the truth after converting to Islam and “repenting his sins”.

Officers from Scotland Yard and Wiltshire Police are currently investigating a number of items they took from his home after his arrest, including a computer and DVD and audio materials on Islamic extremism.

Jenvey was questioned and bailed and is due to return to a local police station later this month.

Last updated: 5:11pm, January 7 2010