Conservative MP blasts Channel 4

By Robyn Rosen, December 24, 2009

Daniel Kawczynski MP, the chair of the Conservative Arab Network, has complained to Ofcom about Channel 4’s Dispatches programme on the “Israel lobby”, calling it “antisemitic” and “disgraceful”.

The programme, aired last month, caused outrage after it claimed to expose an “Israel lobby” working to buy influence with UK politicians and journalists.

Mr Kawczynski called the programme a “witch hunt” and said it “failed to demonstrate any evidence or facts of substance, relying instead on implication, association and prejudice”.

He added that the “core arguments were grounded in antisemitic "the Jews control the world" myths, and used "Orwellian doublespeak to present these views in a more subversively ‘acceptable' way".

“It was at best anti-Israel, at worst directly antisemitic. It was not unbiased reporting.”

He has called for a full investigation into the editorial and journalistic standards of the programme and for public apologies to be made.

Channel 4 were unavailable to comment.

Last updated: 11:04am, December 24 2009