Meet the comic chef making a meal out of being an Israeli

By Simon Rocker, December 9, 2009

The first episode of a comedy series about an ex-Israeli army cook who comes to make it in London is due to launch online today.

But before the eponymous Pini can fulfil his dream of becoming a famous chef like Gordon Ramsay, he has to negotiate the vagaries of English language and culture.

“It’s about an Israeli who speaks English but thinks in Hebrew,” says his Israeli creator Tomer Barzide, 26, who came to

London a year ago to complete his film studies.

“He acts as if everyone is his friend and understands him — and that creates the awkward situations.”

The character, which he plays, is based on his own experiences in trying to familiarise himself with the local culture as an Israeli in London.

The first seven-minute episode, filmed mostly in English with Hebrew subtitles, goes out on the website www.

“We want to run it on a weekly basis but that depends on the budget,” Mr Barzide said.

“We’ve got a teaser and two pilot episodes.

“We have been in contact with several investors and if we get enough viewers, they will be happy to invest.

“Our target audience is Israelis around Europe, Jewish people and people in Israel.

“The only platform that can reach such diverse people is the internet. That’s why I chose it.”

Last updated: 3:39pm, December 10 2009