UCL bans Muslim hate preacher

By Leon Symons, November 26, 2009

A lecture due to be given on Monday by an Islamist preacher with extreme views on homosexuals and women has been cancelled.

University College London’s Islamic Society had invited Abu Usamah to give the first lecture in its “Pearls of Wisdom” week. The title of his talk was “In pursuit of knowledge”.

Mr Usamah’s views became widely known after he appeared two years ago in a Channel 4 documentary Undercover Mosque.

In it, he said that homosexual men should be thrown off a mountain; that women were inferior to men, and those who left Islam should be crucified. Previously he has said that Jews were “kuffars” (non-believers) and the enemies of Islam.

On Wednesday morning the students’ union issued a short statement, saying: “UCLU has decided to cancel this event due to concerns that the health and safety criteria cannot be met.”

The UCU Islamic Society were unable to respond.

Last updated: 4:42pm, November 26 2009