Independent columnist slammed by LFI

By Jessica Elgot, October 12, 2009
Yasmin Alibhai-Brown

Yasmin Alibhai-Brown

The director of the Labour Friends of Israel has hit back at an Independent newspaper columnist, who claimed that the group was “overinfluential” and “lavish”.

Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, a columnist for the Independent, wrote an analysis of the three political party conferences she attended, and noted: “All three parties were lavishly entertained by the over-influential Friends of Israel”

But she was swiftly rebutted by Luciana Berger, director of the Labour Friends of Israel, who insisted that Ms Alibhai- Brown had not attended the LFI event.

In a comments post on the column, Ms Berger wrote: “Yasmin, you didn't attend the Labour Friends of Israel reception at Labour Party conference. If you had done, you would have been served house wine or orange juice and chips. Crisps and peanuts if you got to a bowl in time. Hardly lavish.

“As for our supposed 'over-influence', you don't attempt to present any evidence. Because there isn't any. Your remark is pure prejudice. It is just bigotry and as such the Independent shouldn't be giving it a platform.”

Last updated: 3:37pm, October 14 2009