Barak in detailed talks with Americans in London

July 7, 2009

Israel discussed new measures on access and movement in the West Bank with the US administration this week.

Defence Minister Ehud Barak flew to London yesterday for talks with President Obama's special envoy for Middle East peace, George Mitchell. It was the second leg of detailed discussions which began in New York on June 30.

The talks covered all aspects of Middle East peace and security.
An official joint statement released after the meeting said that the two "re-affirmed their commitment to the common objective of a regional peace between Israel and the Palestinians, Syria, and Lebanon and the steps necessary to achieve it.

"These included measures on security and incitement by the Palestinians; steps by Arab states toward normalisation with Israel; and, from Israel, actions on access and movement in the West Bank and on settlement activity. These constructive discussions will continue with Prime Minister Netanyahu, Defence Minister Barak, and other Israeli officials in the near future".

After his meeting with Mr Mitchell, Mr Barak met Foreign Secretary David Miliband. In a separate, later meeting, Mr Miliband met the Jordanian Foreign Minister, Nasser Judah, and at both of these subsquent meetings it is understood that the details of the Mitchell meeting were passed on.

Last updated: 9:52am, September 30 2009