Natural causes responsible for death of British woman in Eilat, say Israeli authorities

By JC Reporter, March 28, 2016
Julie Pearson

Julie Pearson

Israeli authorities have said a British woman who died while living in Eilat was the victim of a rare internal bleeding condition.

Julie Pearson, from Kinross in Scotland, died in November under mysterious circumstances.

Her family claimed her death followed an alleged attack by her Palestinian boyfriend, and that the police had not investigated the case sufficiently.

Julie’s aunt Deborah Pearson flew to Israel last month to meet police and subsequently said she had hired a private investigator to look into her niece’s death.

According to the Telegraph, Israeli authorities have now informed the British embassy that Julie died of natural causes. Police consider the case to be closed.

But Deborah Pearson said she felt “something was not quite right” about the cause of death.

"Julie never complained of a stomach condition that I know of. It sounds strange,” she said.

She added that the family would wait until they had seen the pathologist’s full report before considering what action to take, including whether to lodge a complaint against Israeli police.

Julie Pearson moved to Israel in 2014 and had applied for citizenship. Her father was Jewish.

Last updated: 3:18pm, March 28 2016