Jewish Labour MPs classified as hostile in Corbyn office list

By Jessica Weinstein, March 23, 2016

Allies of Jeremy Corbyn have allegedly drawn up a list of MPs placing them in either his “core group” of supporters or a “hostile” camp.

The document, which was leaked to the Times, was reportedly complied by the Labour leader's political secretary Katy Clark in January.

Labour Mayoral candidate Sadiq Khan was reportedly placed in the “hostile” camp, along with former Labour leader Ed Miliband.

A spokesman for Jeremy Corbyn's office said that they had no knowledge of the list: “It doesn’t come from this office and we have no knowledge of it.”.

There are 19 members listed as part of Mr Corbyn’s “core group”, including allies such as Diane Abbott and Clive Lewis, as well as Jeremy Corbyn himself.

Nearly all the Jewish Labour MPs listed are classified as either “hostile” or “core group hostile”. The list includes Ed Miliband, Hilary Benn, Joan Ryan, Louise Ellman, Ivan Lewis and Luciana Berger. Gerald Kaufman, who came under fire in October for his remarks that the Conservative Party has been influenced by “Jewish money”, was placed on the “neutral but not hostile” list.

A Labour MP told the Times: “I think every single Labour MP will be surprised to find themselves profiled in this way.

“At a time when every focus should be on crafting a message to win support in the country so that we can displace an unpopular government with a wafer-thin majority, it is absolutely extraordinary to find that an ‘enemies’ list is being drawn up.

“The last politician to draw up a list of enemies was Richard Nixon; it didn’t end well for him or his party.”

Last updated: 11:43am, March 23 2016