188 Jewish charities raise more than £1 million each every year, research shows

By Simon Rocker, March 22, 2016

Close to 200 British Jewish charities raise more than £1 million a year, according to a forthcoming report by the consultancy New Philanthropy Capital.

It puts the overall annual income for the 2,264 registered Jewish charities at £997,733, 722 (although this includesf transfers between charities). Their average income is £440,695 a year.

Jewish charities represent four per cent of religious charities in the UK – around twelve times the percentage of Jews in the UK population - according to the NPC report which will be published next week.

Fifteen Jewish charities have an income of more than £10 million a year, and 188 in all more than £1 million.

There are around 60,000 religious charities in the UK, the majority of which – 32,328, are Christian.

Last updated: 3:57pm, March 22 2016