London Beth Din names and shames husband for refusing wife a get

By Simon Rocker, February 26, 2016

The London Beth Din has called on synagogues in London and Paris to deny entry to a man until he gives his wife a get.

In a notice written in Hebrew, English and French, dayanim said that it was “unconscionable” for Yossi Elkouby to continue to leave his wife Rifka Meyer an agunah, a chained woman.

The couple have been separated for nearly four years, according to the rabbis.

The London Beth Din urged synagogues to bar Mr Elkouby and for the community “to consider the appropriateness of any social or economic interactions with him” until he complied with its instructions to appear before the rabbinic court and to issue a get.

It is the third name-and-shame notice issued by the LBD against a recalcitrant husband in fewer than six months.

Mr Elkouby was based in Golders Green, north-west London, but later moved to Israel and has been living in Paris for the last few months.

In 2014, he was convicted of stalking Ms Meyer in London and a restraining order was imposed for three years.

He said this week that his wife “for years has given me the silent treatment and wants me to give her a get with no questions asked”.

He added: “I am waiting for her to make contact with me and speak to me face-to-face and sort things out in a normal way.”

Last updated: 3:29pm, February 26 2016