Activist group Jewdas marches against far-right anti-refugee demonstrators in Dover

By Josh Jackman, January 31, 2016
The Anti-Fascist League getting its message across

The Anti-Fascist League getting its message across

Left-wing activist group Jewdas was part of a counter-protest at yesterday's far-right rally in Dover against the arrival of Syrian refugees in Britain.

According to reports, banners and placards carried by the right-wing marchers included those from the National Front and neo-Nazi organisation Combat 18. Three arrests were made after violent clashes between the rival groups.

Jewdas joined the Anti-Fascist Network in opposition to the extremist rally.

A Jewdas spokesperson said: “We think it's important that the Jewish community takes the threat of far-right violence seriously - a point we made at various stages last year when anti-Jewish demonstrations were taking place in London.

“These groups pose a clear threat to our community, to other minority groups and to the refugees and migrants fleeing conflicts around the world."

Last updated: 1:20pm, January 31 2016