Sky apologises over Chief Rabbi interview

By Josh Jackman, February 5, 2015
Adam Boulton presents Sky News Tonight (Photo: YouTube / Simon Cobbs)

Adam Boulton presents Sky News Tonight (Photo: YouTube / Simon Cobbs)

Sky News has apologised for showing images of the Gaza conflict during a Holocaust Memorial Day interview with Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis.

Peter Lowe, Sky News’ managing editor, was responding to viewer Jacqui Rudolph, who complained about presenter Adam Boulton’s questioning on whether Israel provokes antisemitism.

In a letter to Sky, Mrs Rudolph wrote: “Boulton’s implication that Israel (i.e. the Jews) have caused antisemitism (i.e. the victims are to blame for bringing it on themselves) is an ancient antisemitic device.”

She also condemned the “appalling and morally indefensible juxtaposition” of pictures showing rubble in Gaza above the strap ‘Auschwitz Remembered.’

Mr Lowe said showing images of Gaza while the Chief Rabbi talked about the conflict was logical, but that with hindsight he would not have combined the two, calling it “an indelicate clash”.

He added: “I’m sorry if you or anyone was upset by the interview Adam did with the Chief Rabbi. I agree that the particular circumstances of the use of the pictures from Gaza was unfortunate”.

However, he refuted allegations of antisemitism, stating that the question, though “it may be wrongheaded,” was appropriate because it was asked during a show which reflected on the day and put it in a current affairs context.

Mr Lowe wrote: “I don't think it is something we should edit out from the comparatively rare opportunity to interview the Chief Rabbi in front of a general audience in order to give him the opportunity to confront these ideas and perhaps lay them to rest.”

He added: “I firmly believe that our journalists, particularly those with the experience and knowledge of Adam Boulton, are entitled to ask questions which help to shed light on the tricky issues of our time.”

Last updated: 4:01pm, February 5 2015