Pupils and parents warned over school security

By Marcus Dysch, August 27, 2014

Pupils and parents at Jewish schools should take additional security measures following the sharp rise of antisemitism, the Community Security Trust has warned.

Parents should join special security rotas, undergo training and send their children on a specialist programme designed to help them protect themselves, the organisation said.

In a letter to parents of every Jewish school pupil in Britain to coincide with the beginning of the new school year, CST said: “We encourage all schools to have parental security rotas, working closely with the actual guarding personnel at key times of the day.

“We would ask that you join these rotas as it is important that you share the responsibility for this task.”

It also recommended that children join the Streetwise programme, which is run with Maccabi GB and teaches how to avoid trouble when travelling to and from school.

The course runs in more than 60 Jewish and non-Jewish primary and secondary schools.

More than 34,000 Jewish children have completed it.

Last updated: 8:50am, August 28 2014