They laughed, they cried

August 21, 2014
Isaac Virchis and Bradley Franks

Isaac Virchis and Bradley Franks

The walls of JFS's main hall resounded last week with the relief, delight and next-step plans of 258 students.

Isaac Virchis, 18, revealed his novel approach to tackling pre-results anxiety. He spent the evening before at a comedy club.

"I've been doing whatever I can to keep myself distracted," he said. Not that he had much cause for concern: he gained three A*s and an A at A-level, securing a place to read Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Oxford.

Layah Helpern confessed she had "cried with happiness" when she received her two As and a B, meeting her conditional offer to study broadcast journalism at Leeds University.

For twins Sophie and Sabrina Hunt, Thursday was a double whammy. They received two As and a B and four As respectively, securing offers to study at Leeds University. "It was always planned for us to go to the same place," Sophie said. "It will certainly make life easier for our parents."

Maya Potishman, 18, was also in high spirits, despite having been awake since 4am. She flew back from Israel to find she had won a place to study experimental psychology at Oxford University. "The plane journey was the longest five hours of my life," she said.

As for Georgia Maurice, who met her offer to study speech and language therapy at Birmingham City University, the day provided an extra level of poignancy for her mother, Alison.

"I was also a JFS student, but I didn't do A-levels or go to university," Ms Maurice said. "For me and my husband, who also didn't get a degree, to see our child achieving this is massive.

"The atmosphere at home has been horribly intense. We have been watching The Real Housewives of New York to keep us distracted."

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