Chief Rabbi warns of 'huge anxiety' over hate increase in UK

By JC Reporter, August 15, 2014

British Jews are deeply concerned at the rising level of antisemitism in the UK, the Chief Rabbi has warned.

Ephraim Mirvis said there was “no sense of panic but huge anxiety” at the increase in antisemitic incidents reported since the beginning of the conflict in Gaza.

Speaking on BBC Radio 4's Today programme, he said that Jews were worried at the “abominable and unacceptable conduct on the streets of our cities”.

There were around 240 incidents logged in July against the background of opposition to Israel’s action against Hamas.

Rabbi Mirvis noted: “Anti-Zionism is not necessarily antisemitism but it creates a context in which antisemitism can thrive, and that is what we are seeing.”

He said that Israel had faced “a direct, unmasked attempt to destroy Israeli life” and had “understandably and justifiably defended her citizens”.

But he added that Jews were filled with “deep pain” by the suffering and loss of life caused by the conflict.

Last updated: 2:09pm, August 15 2014