Jewish Chronicle is donating Tricycle’s cash to Israel charity


By Stephen Pollard, August 13, 2014
Stephen Pollard with the JC's donation

Stephen Pollard with the JC's donation

For a number of years the JC has carried a small weekly advert from the Tricycle Theatre. Given the theatre’s demand that the UK Jewish Film Festival sever its ties to Israel, we could simply have severed our own ties to the Tricycle.

But we prefer to be imaginative. From this week, the JC will be donating all the revenue we receive from the Tricycle to the Friends of Israel Initiative, set up “to counter the growing efforts to delegitimise the state of Israel and its right to live in peace within safe and defensible borders.”

The Tricycle’s board will no doubt be delighted to know that its money will now be going, weekly via the JC, to support that important objective.

Last updated: 8:47pm, August 13 2014