Mixing it with the best

By Anthea Gerrie, July 31, 2014
Bar Shira

Bar Shira

He is a bar owner called Bar. And now he's set to make history as the first Israeli to take part in a prestigious coctail-making competition.

And Bar Shira, 35, has one disadvantage. He operates in a country with limited alcohol consumption.

"But bar life is only down 20 per cent while the country is at war," he said.

Mr Shira grew up in a household where alcohol was unknown.

"There was none in our house, not even Shabbat wine."

So how did he get to the point where is a contender for World Class Bartender of the Year, taking place this week in Scotland?

"The film Cocktail has a lot to answer for," he said. "It influenced both drinkers and shakers, although I don't do flaring - all that bottle-juggling."

Last updated: 4:35pm, July 31 2014