Ceasefire holds in Gaza as Nick Clegg criticises 'disproportionate' Israel

By Marcus Dysch, July 17, 2014
IDF footage of the infiltration on Thursday morning

IDF footage of the infiltration on Thursday morning

The latest ceasefire between Israel and Hamas is holding, more than an hour after it came into effect.

Both sides agreed to hold fire for five hours to allow humanitarian aid to enter Gaza, after nine days of extended fighting.

The truce began at 10am (8am UK) local time and is due to expire at 3pm (1pm UK).

More than 220 Palestinians have been killed during Israel’s Operation Protective Edge. More than 1,000 rockets have been fired on Israel by terrorists in Gaza, killing one person.

Overnight, the IDF foiled an attempt by 13 Palestinians to infiltrate Israel to carry out an attack. The men managed to access Israel through a tunnel from the south of the Gaza Strip.

Eight were killed and the others fled. No Israeli casualties were reported.

In Britain, Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg said Israel’s actions during the operation had been “deliberately disproportionate” and amounted to “collective punishment”. He was speaking on his weekly radio show, Call Clegg.

Last updated: 9:33am, July 17 2014