Community group backs parents fight against Barnet council

By Rosa Doherty, July 4, 2014

A community group in north London has launched a petition supporting a family who are fighting Barnet Council over their disabled daughter’s education.

Sabrina Leigh, who suffers from a type of cerebral palsy called Worsted-Drought Syndrome, was turned down for the funding needed to send her to Langdon Jewish residential college in Manchester.

The council says there are sufficient local alternatives available to the family and religious needs are not a factor when making their decision.

After reading about the family in the JC, Laurence and Debbie Davidson, of the group Edgware K, sent out an online petition to their 12,000 members in the hope Barnet reconsiders.

Mr Davidson said: “We know the family very well and they just want what is best for their daughter. We have already had over 650 signatures and our members will all see the story and have the chance to sign the petition.

“Hopefully once Barnet see the community is behind the Leigh’s 100 per cent they will change their mind.

“I think it is unfair this is happening to Jewish families. We know about others in the same position.”

Sabrina’s father Mr Leigh said: “We have spoken to a solicitor who has agreed to take on our case.

It is not just because Langdon is Jewish environment that we want our daughter to go there, it is for her needs.

“The quality of life Langdon college can offer her is far greater than any chance she will get anywhere else.

“And it would be no further cost to the council or the tax payer.

“Who wouldn’t fight for their child to get the quality of life and education they deserve.”

Last updated: 10:08am, July 4 2014