UJS joins European campaign against extremism

By Charlotte Oliver, May 21, 2014

The Union of Jewish Students has announced its support for an international campaign that aims to fight against the rise of far-right and extremist parties in Europe.

The “Mind the vote!” campaign was set up by the European Union of Jewish Students (EUJS), UJS’ umbrella organisation and the representational body of more than 200,000 students across Europe.

According to a spokesperson, it was created to “provide detailed information about the upcoming election and the rise of populist parties throughout Europe that endanger European values.”

He added: “We believe that there is an urgent necessity to sensitize young voters about these issues and encourage them to actively oppose these worrying developments in Europe by voting in the elections.”

UJS' campaigns director Maggie Suissa said: “Since our last conference, UJS are mandated to raise awareness of and fight extremist groups within the EU and expose deeply antisemitic policies and views existing within those groups.”

“It is crucial that Jewish students bring their vote as, when students vote, the far right don’t get in.”

Last updated: 4:27pm, May 21 2014