David Cameron on the Holocaust forum: be part of it

By David Cameron, May 1, 2014
Prime Minister David Cameron (Photo: Number Ten)

Prime Minister David Cameron (Photo: Number Ten)

Monday’s Holocaust forum is about three things.

First, it’s about saying thank you to some inspirational people who have come to this country and given us so much.

I am awestruck by the bravery that Holocaust survivors show when they go into schools and colleges and teach our young people about what happened. Sometimes they give several talks in one day.

It takes my breath away just thinking about it, and I am so proud to be Prime Minister of a nation with such extraordinary people in it.

Second, the event is about making a very simple promise — but one that is so important. It’s about saying to Britain’s Holocaust survivors: “We will not let you down — we will make sure that Britain always remembers.”

That’s why I have set up the Holocaust Commission — with cross-party backing — to find the right ways to pass on the legacy of the survivors from generation to generation.

Third, and most importantly, the event is about hearing first hand from survivors how the Commission can best fulfil that promise. We need to think about how best to remember, commemorate and educate future generations of every faith and none.

We need to think about where our children and grandchildren will go to learn about the Holocaust and what they will see. And we need survivors to help us work out the best ways to do that.

So I really want us to hear from every survivor in the country during the event and during the rest of the consultation that runs to the end of May.

I am grateful to the Jewish Chronicle for their brilliant support on this and I hope that any readers who know of a survivor we haven’t yet reached will get in touch.

Last updated: 2:26pm, May 1 2014